She cried for days
Ahh! no she cried
When it seemed like the tears had stopped they flowed back

She dreaded being alone because she knew she would soak her clothes in tears
But when people were around she missed being in her little shell

She was confused
Confused for days
Kept asking herself where it all went wrong
She blamed herself for not being enough for him
“I should have loved him harder” , “I should have dressed more nicely”, “I should have lost some extra weight,maybe that would have made him stay”.

But then again, she remembered all the moment’s they were together,and the words he told her.

He told me I was perfect
He told me I was beautiful
He told me I was flawless
He told me he was lucky to have me

So where did it all go wrong!!!

She was tired
Too tired to cry
Too tired to think
Too tired to ask questions
Too tired to blame herself
Too tired to even move on

She wanted to run away
Run away to a place where feelings don’t exist
Run away from the pain, the tears and all the thoughts that killed her slowly

She needed help💔

She was angry
Angry at him for hurting her
Angry at herself for loving him
Angry at God for allowing their paths to cross
Angry for saying yes to him
Angry for trusting blindly
Angry for loving too much

She still needed answers
To know where it all went wrong

Today she was smiling ☺️
It’s eight months already
She found another video of him
And this time she felt nothing
No fear, no pain, no anger, no bitterness
No love, no hate
Absolutely nothing!

She was healing
She never saw healing as part of her story
She thought she would spend eternity in tears and pain
She thought this heartbreak would be the end of her but it turned out different
You could say it took longer than normal
But she was healing and nothing felt better

After such a long time, she could feel love and light in her little world again.

Heyy everyone! Welcome back to my blog! So I decided to write a part two of my previous write-up “To love- A crime?”. I wrote this as a reminder to anyone reading who might be going through something only you understand that there’s hope for healing. It might take days, weeks, months or even years but you’re going to heal and you’re going to be fine. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Cry if you want to, scream if that works for you. Allow yourself heal with time and one more thing, love yourself more.

Till next time!
Lots of love!
Vee ❤️

If you haven’t read my previous post, here’s the link to read up. It would help you understand this one better 😘

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To love: A crime?

I want to tell you about a girl
A girl who saw the beauty in everyone and everything she came across

A girl who wasn’t scared to show her emotions
A girl who strived to put smiles on the faces of everyone she met
A girl who couldn’t stand seeing someone in need

She went all out to see that the ones she cared about were safe and well

She was that good
That selfless
That generous
That beautiful in and out

One day, she met a boy
A boy who was good to her
A boy who showed her so much love

A boy who made her grin from chin to chin each time they spoke

He literally made her burst out in laughter any time they texted
All her life, she had only ever given out love so this was quite unreal
He was always in her thoughts
He was always on her mind
They spent hours having the most beautiful conversations

They spent days planning their future
They became so engrossed with each other that time became non-existent when they were together
It was safe to say that they were in love

More in love than Romeo and Juliet, you could say

Till one day he had to leave

He had to leave to secure a better future, he said
He told her to wait, to be patient. That it was only for a little while

He made promises he swore to keep
He told her he would be back to get her
Promised to be in her arms again

He left…

They still texted, still spoke like romeo and juliet

He still called her the love of his life
Still sent her cute messages to brighten up her day
All seemed normal

A few months later she was surfing the internet and found a video
A video that questioned the trust she had for him
She didn’t know how to feel so she asked him questions

“If there was anything to hide, I wouldn’t have posted it my love” he said

It made sense to her

The next week, she found another video which still questioned their perfect love but she remembered his words “If there was anything to hide, I wouldn’t have posted it”

It still made sense to her so this time they were no questions

She found several other videos but his words had registered in her head so she found it hard to believe what made more sense
She was stupidly in love
Refused to see any wrong in his words or actions


On this fateful day, she sat on the concrete floor in her grandma’s home reminiscing on this love- The love that was perfect to her.
She sat there missing the love of her life so she decided to go through his pictures and found the biggest shock of her life

This time they were pictures

Engagement pictures flashed through her eyes
For a moment she chose not to believe what she saw

Her hands were shaking and the air in her lungs seemed to fail her
She had died and woken up right where she was
She still remembered his words “If there was anything to hide, I wouldn’t have posted it”

This time it made no sense to her
Within 30 seconds she had sent him a hundred texts
Left him with a hundred missed calls

She needed answers
And she needed them fast
She was loosing her mind
Slowly loosing her sanity
She needed answers
And she needed them fast

Later that day he sent her a text saying
“If I wanted to hide it from you, I would never have posted it”

Those were his last words

Her world crashed before her eyes
Her perfect love had crashed right before her and she was left with no one but her tears.

The perfect love was gone 💔

Now tell me…

Is falling in love a crime?

Hi everyone!!! My name is Vera Ibeh and you just read a short story inspired by my grandmother’s tales. Please do well to like and comment. Feel free to share your stories with me as well. I can’t wait to hear from you🤗❤️

Perception is not reality👁️

Hi guyyyyyyys! Welcome back to my blog! (if only you could hear the excitement in my voice😂). Anyways, I’m so happy to have you here.

Today’s episode will be very short and precise. If you read my last post, then you’d know that this is more like a part two of it. If you haven’t please do, so you can understand it better. Here’s the link to read up!

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard people comparing “perceptions” to “reality”. Well, I’ve heard it too many times. Have had people tell me “perception is reality”. They would say “what you see is reality” and “what you don’t see is not reality”.

Back then, I believed them. They gave me strong reasons to. But like they say “we learn everyday”.

As you grow, you face situations that make you rethink some certain things in life. It makes you sit down and have a “thought to thought” conversation (if that’s even a thing 😂). All I’m basically saying is, there are times when you think about things deeply and you realize that most of the things you held to be true aren’t really what they seem to be. Yeah, it can be shocking, but it is what it is.

Perception is definitely not reality and I say this, because it’s the truth. First of all, let me define both terms separately.


The way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something ;a mental impression.


The state of things as they actually are. An existence that is absolute, self sufficient or objective and not subject to human decisions or conventions.

PS: All these definitions were coined from Google. (So it has to be true 😂).

Clearly, perceptions and reality are two different things. Just because you think something is reality doesn’t make it reality. It might just be your reality. Perception has a powerful influence on how we look at reality. That’s why, till date they’re most people who still believe “The earth is flat”

Most people would tell you perception is reality just to convince you into believing their idea of reality. But also know,that sometimes it’s not even people that convince you. Most times it’s your circumstances.

Your circumstances can push you into believing that all you see is all there is. The problems you face can be so strong that you refuse to believe that there’s a solution. You might have been going through something for so long that you finally accept it to be your reality.

Whatever the case is, never take a challenge to be your reality. You have to see yourself overcoming it to actually overcome. That’s why motivational speakers would tell you “what you see is who you are” and they are so right. You have to see yourself in a position of greatness to actually be great.

There’s something called the “Grasshopper complex” but I like to call it the “Lid mentality”

A few days ago my mum and I were driving and we were having different conversations and somehow along the line, we started discussing about the grasshopper complex. I still don’t know how we ended up discussing that but it just made me realize that most times, we set the limits for ourselves based on what we see as reality.


A grasshopper was put in a jar with the lid tightly covered. The insect would hop to the top trying to break free, hit it’s head and fall back down. It kept on repeating this process for days. Eventually, the lid was removed, but the grasshopper hopped to the top then came down by itself. It refused to go any further.

Why? Because the insect had already set a boundary for itself. To it, the lid was still there and that was it’s reality. It had trained itself not to go further. So even when the lid was taken off he didn’t realize it. This is what most people use to trap insects these days.

This is very applicable in our lives. Most people have let their fears trap them. We’ve let what we see as reality be our reality. They see themselves as not good enough and they allow inferiority complex rule them.

Your perception about yourself matters a lot. Never ever set a boundary for your success. You can achieve much more than you think. You can do much more than you think. Don’t limit your mind and don’t let how people view you limit you. That’s their reality, not yours. You are more than what they see.

Be very conscious of how you perceive certain things in your life. Never take a challenge or a problem to be “normal” and don’t get used to it. Refuse it! Nothing is too hard for you to achieve and nothing is too good enough for you. You can be whatever you want to be. You can achieve anything. But remember, you have to perceive it, to achieve it.

A perception believed is reality achieved.

Thanks for reading!

Did I say it’s going to be short? Sorry, I lied😂. I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing. Please like, comment and share as well. I’m sure there are people who needs to read this. Thank you ❤️

Till next time

Lots of love



Hello guys! Welcome back to my blog. I’m so delighted to finally write here again.

First of all, I’d like to say a very big thank you for all the comments on my last post. You guys actually eased the tension in my heart. Thanks for that❤️.

If you’re new here. My name is Vera Ibeh and I welcome you to where I pour out my thoughts. I do hope you enjoy being here as much as I do😁. If you’d like to know more about my blog, please click the link below. Thank you❤️.

It’s been a struggle creating the “perfect” write-up. But that depends on my definition of “perfect” because humans can be very insatiable (especially me🤦). Lord knows how many times I’ve written, erased, added a few words, removed some sentences, started all over again just to create my own idea of “perfect”. I could spend the whole day giving you detailed explanation on this “struggle” but that’s not why I’m here😂.

Moving on…

Today’s write-up is on Perceptions

Ever heard the saying “Everything in life is based on perceptions?” If you have, cheers to that. If you haven’t, well you just did.

To me, that’s one of the truest statement I’ve ever come across. Everything in life is based on how we perceive it to be. The way you see it, the way she sees it, the way he sees it, the way they see it. It all balls down to Perceptions.

So I googled the meaning of perception and this is what Google says;

Perception is awareness, comprehension or an understanding of something.

The way in which something is regarded, understood or interpreted.

This is very self explanatory. It’s simply how we perceive things to be.

Over time, I’ve noticed some facts about perceptions. Two to be precise. I most definitely believe there are more, but these are the ones I can relate to. If you know any, apart from the ones I’ll mention. Please feel free to tell me in the comment section.

So here we go;

*Perceptions differ

*Perception is not reality

I’ll try to explain these two in the best of my knowledge, relating it to different happenings in my life. I do hope you enjoy!

Perceptions differ

Looking at the above image I’m sure you already have an inkling on what I’m about to explain.

As humans, we were raised with different cultures, backgrounds, traditions, name it, and it’s not expected that we see things the same way or do things similarly.

Most times we tend to focus our attention on what we see as “normal” or “important” blinding our minds from whatever seems contrary. Which can deter our relationship with one another. Now the question is;

Why do people perceive things differently?

There are so many factors that can influence our perceptions on things, one of them is individual differences.

Individual differences plays a big role in influencing how we perceive things. Let’s paint a scenario;

You might be asked to prepare any kind of meal for a certain group of people. There’s a high tendency that you would prepare exactly what you like. Because that’s what you’re used to. Individuals in that group will perceive your meal based on diverse choices. Some may enjoy it, while some may not.

If you read my last blog, you’d remember I told you I tried out new things. Which were mostly food and drinks. Well, one of them was the “pork meat”.

For a very long time I hated pork. I hated the idea of it and that’s because I had seen too many pigs while growing up. I used to watch them play in refuse dump areas, mud and dirts so that influenced my choice. The day I heard people actually ate pig meat, I felt like throwing up. I remember calling them “barbarians” at some point 😂. But all that changed a few weeks ago. I finally tried it out after so much persuasions and now I’m in love with it. I can’t wait to try it again!

This short story shows how individual differences influences how we see things.

Another factor is the psychological state

Before this pandemic, I bet you that most people never understood the importance of sanitizing or washing their hands regularly and I’m one of them. I’m not proud of it, but you can’t really blame me or the rest of the people who didn’t. Our psychological state of mind never saw the need for it.

The emergency fire extinguisher on the wall doesn’t mean much to you until there’s a fire. If you were asked to recite the steps on how to use a fire extinguisher during emergencies, prior to that time, it would seem very difficult. But try to answer it afterwards…

Have you observed that you start noticing a particular thing when you’re in dire need of it?. It might have been in existence for years but it’s not “important” to you until it’s needed.

Now let’s relate it to our “everyday life”

We often judge people based on our own perceptions. Forgetting that they may not see things the way we do. We feel things needs to be done in our “normal way” otherwise it’s wrong.

For a very long time, I was like that. I was very devoted to doing and seeing things in a way that seemed “normal” to me. Once It’s not going my way then its wrong. I failed to understand that sometimes we have to bend a little and just see things from the next person’s point of view. I literally refused to be open minded about certain things.

But along the line, I met people, I read books,I had conversations that led to a change in/on how I processed my thoughts. Like they say; “We live to learn and we learn to live”.

Learning to see things from multiple perspectives can be quite challenging, but the effort is worth it. When you have an increased understanding about one another it will positively affect your conversations and relationships. Sometimes just listen… You never know, you might be wrong. Listening and thinking are directly related. Let me explain…

When you’re reading, what do you hear?

When you’re listening to that song, what goes through your mind?

When you’re having a conversation, how are your thoughts being processed?

Once in a while, ask yourself these questions. It would help improve your relationship with others. You have to learn to be open minded, spontaneous, and also very adaptive to change. It would help you to easily navigate your way through life and also give you an extra edge in your dealings with people.

Phew! This has got to be my longest blog so far. I’d stop here for now, so I don’t end up boring you with plenty talks 😂. I’m sure you noticed by now that I didn’t write on perception is not reality. Not to worry, I’ll dedicate a whole write-up for it. So watch out for it!

Let me know your thoughts on this one in the comment section. Don’t forget to like as well. A few people have come to me saying they don’t know how to like my post. The like button is a star ⭐ shaped icon just right under this write-up. Did you see it? I’m sure you did 😁.

Till next time

Lots of love



Hi guys! Welcome back to my blog. I must confess, these few weeks have been one hell of an adventure for me. I’ll try to explain it…

I did some humanitarian works

Met new people

Caught up with old friends

Made new friends

Got stuck in Lagos traffic

Almost got lost on the streets of Lagos 😂

Had sleepless nights

Cried at some point

Laughed a lot as well

Hugged a lot too (despite the whole covid-ish😂)

Tried out new things,mostly food and drinks😂

Learnt a lot too

Visited weird places, places I never imagined I’ll go to

Almost broke my phone (this was the craziest 😂)

Nonetheless, we thank God for life❤️

I honestly don’t know what to write on, that’s why I haven’t posted anything here in two weeks. I have so many ideas in my head but I find it quite difficult to put it down in writing. If you’ll ever have the opportunity to go through my drafted works you’d see just how scrapy it is.

I just realized writing requires more than just story telling. It’s a lot more than that. Every write-up needs to convey a message. I guess I didn’t figure this out from the start. If I did, I would never have promised a new blog every friday. Not that it was a bad choice. It was just made in haste.

I think I might have to take that back(sorry about that🤧) I just don’t want to post things here to fulfil all righteousness. I want to be able to convey beautiful messages through my write-ups and impact lives as well. I want to stay as original as possible. I hope you understand 😭(I’m sure you do) *winks*.

I’d also like to use this opportunity to thank every reader. Thanks for being a part of this journey so far❤️.

Expect a blog soon!!!

Till next time

Lots of love



Writing my last blog post, I had no idea what to write on next. My head was actually blank and I was still promising a blog the following week (see boldness🤦). But you know, you only posses such boldness when God is on your side (remember I prayed to him and he obviously read my write-up😂). Anyways I promised a new blog every Friday, so here you go!

Hi guys!. You’re welcome to another episode of “veewrites”. Today I’m going to write on WORDS (it’s five letter’s today😂).


Words are the most powerful tool on earth and it’s so cool to know that God gave them to us. I mean, he put the most powerful tool in our care. Did you know that?

If you know the kind of power your words have I’m very sure you would place so much value on them, I’m sure you would treat them like gold. So that brings me to the title of this write-up VALUE YOUR WORDS

Story time…

About 13 years ago I was in primary school. Primary two to be precise. I was young and I had no worries. I loved going to school because that was where I could express myself as a child and mostly because I loved playing. I was play itself, I still am (gosh I miss being a child😭).

Anyways, on this very beautiful day, I woke up early, had my bath and I was ready to go to school. I was so excited for school because we were all going to recite the 2 times table and I had been practicing for weeks. I was more than ready.

I got to school, played with my friends, gisted with them about the recitation, etc. I can’t really remember what happened that day but I know we had two classes before the maths class. I couldn’t wait!. I was so excited.

Finally… the maths teacher came, we greeted her and started the class. She spoke on a few things before the recitation started. She asked us to start according to our names on the class register. My surname starts with the letter “I” so I had to wait a while. Finally it got to my turn, I stood up happily and started reciting. I said the first three, but I was stopped after that. Why was I stopped?. Let’s find out!

My teacher stopped me and these were her words to me. She said “Ibeh can you please recite it properly?, you’re slowing us down. I wonder why you keep stammering. I’ve told you so many times to stop stammering. If you know you’re going to stammer while talking then don’t speak at all”

Those words up there, are words I can never forget even if I tried to.

At that moment my confidence died.

Do you know what happened next?

I sat down quietly and never said a word during math class again. From that day I was so conscious of my speech. A child who had no worries became so worried about communicating. Can you believe that?

I knew before then that there was something wrong with my speech. I remember my mum always telling me to “calm down” whenever I spoke but I never cared about it. I was a child and the only thing I cared about was food, cartoons and play time with my friends. But after that day, everything changed. I barely spoke and whenever I did it was only a few words and that’s why most people thought I was the quiet one amongst my sisters which isn’t true (I’m a talkative 😏).

My teacher’s words did all that to me…

The reason for this short story is just to show you the power your words have.

Your words carry life.

They have the power to create or destroy.

They have the power to bring both joy or sorrow

They have the power to heal or kill

They have the power to mend a broken heart or make it worse

They have the power to build confidence or destroy it

It took me a while to get over my teacher’s words. It wasn’t easy at all but with the help of my parents, sisters, a few friends who knowingly or unknowingly encouraged me it didn’t matter to me again.

But also know, that her words helped me. It helped with my speech. At some point, I started seeing it as a challenge to speak better (everything in life is based on perceptions). Whenever I remember “If you know you would stammer while talking, then don’t speak at all” it challenged me to speak better, it challenged me to speak without stammering. And today I can say that I’ve progressed. I still stammer but not as bad before. Infact not many people know I do.


People would always remember the words you say to them. Think about it, I still remember my teachers exact words to me and this was like 13 years ago. Learn to say the right words because you don’t know the effect it would have on the next person.

The hurtful words you told someone 10 years ago might still hurt them today. The beautiful words you told someone a week ago might still make them smile today. Your words are gold, don’t spit out venom, your words are precious, learn to use them wisely.

Lastly your words are you. What you say is who you are and if you value yourself as much as I think you do then you would speak words of value.

Nobody would ever value someone who spits out curses and defaming words. Learn to speak life and hope. Let people know you as that person whom they trust to encourage them when they are down not someone who totally brings them down. Let them see you and see hope. Let them look forward to hear your words because they know it would lift their spirits. Let them learn to be good from you.

Allow your words put smiles on people’s faces, it has the power to do so. Let them think about you and remember the nice words you said to them. Trust me, it goes a long way.

So that’s it for today guys. The power of words. I hope you enjoyed reading😁. I’m sure you’ve had to deal with people’s words too. Let me know in the comment section the effect it had on you whether good or bad. I’d love to hear from you.

Till next tine

Lots of love



Hi guys! Welcome back to my personal space. It feels so good to write here again😊. Today’s blog will be a bit long so please bear with me 🤧.

Today I’ll be talking about a four letter word. It’s like I love to talk about 4 letter words😂. Did you notice?

Anyways, if you read the title of this write-up you already know what it is.

Yesssss it’s Love!. Love love love love🎶

This word is so short but yet holds the power to put smiles on people’s faces, it has the power to break a heart(a whole heart!), it has the power to change someone’s world, it has so much power to bring beautiful colours into someone’s life, it has the power to bring people together, it has the power to make people cry. The list is quite endless so I’ll stop here.

Love is a desicion

Yeah you read that right, but I don’t think you understand it yet so I’ll explain it to you with three different scenarios. So here it goes;

The dating life

I love you

I’ll never leave you

I’d always be here for you

I love you with my whole heart

My love for you can never die


Unless you’ve decided in your heart to love someone unconditionally all these statements are just okotomeowmeow ( sorry for my choice of word here. I learnt it from my friend and I’ve been wanting to use it ever since😂😂)

Anyways, the point here is, love is a decision more than it’s an emotion. Unless you genuinely decide to love someone you’re going to find it hard to express it even if it’s there.

A time when…

There was a time when I used to think, once someone tells me oh “I love you” he or she must really mean it. I felt like before anyone can say that word to me he or she must’ve thought hard and long, he or she must’ve really felt something before they can decide to use the word. I thought it was a strong word. Well, it still is. I mean, it’s supposed to be.


All that has changed (I think now I know better 😂)

I’m sure you don’t blame me for changing my mindset. I’m sure you can relate to it as well. Infact, at this point, I think everyone can relate to it.

There are lots of people out there, misusing the word “love” or rather the statement “I love you”. They feel they can use it so why not!

But these questions still remain

Do you really mean it?

Are you prepared for what is to come after you say it?

Or do you feel it’s just a means to manipulate your way into someone’s life?

I think before you say those words to anyone, ask yourself these questions first so as to avoid unnecessary heartbreaks.

How can two people be “in love” and within the twinkle of an eye everything turns sour?. It feels very strange. I’ve tried so hard to wrap my head around it but there’s simply no explanation for it. How can someone just fall out of love for you within seconds?. How can you claim to love someone today and the next day you don’t?. It’s really crazy. But I think the question should be. Do people even understand what love is?. Do they know the true meaning of love?. Do they know what love entails?. People tend to misuse the phrase “I love you”. It’s become so common and an avenue to mislead people into thinking they’ve found the perfect one.
Please if you don’t love her don’t tell her you do. If you don’t love him don’t tell him you do and unless you truly understand what love is DON’T FALL IN LOVE.

So I wrote this some months back. It’s actually part of my unfinished write-ups (I procrastinate a lot, it’s actually a problem😭). I decided to bring it here so I can explain to you the depths to which this simple statement “I love you” can go. I wrote it because I had seen one too many cases of heartbreaks. Heartbreaks that could have been avoided if only a decision to love unconditionally was made from the start.

Brotherly love

Here’s a short story

A few weeks ago my mum and I went to the market to get food stuffs. We got there, bought a few items and decided to buy chicken (not the frozen ones). On getting there we discovered that our customer wasn’t around. Her shop was open but she wasn’t there so we decided to buy from the lady next to her because we were in a hurry. She showed us a few, but my mum was quite skeptical about hers. She said it wasn’t big enough, blah blah blah blah(you know Nigerian mum’s now😏). We were about to leave when the lady asked us to wait. She went straight to her neighbors shop, selected the biggest chicken, killed it, cleaned it up and sold it to us. We were in shock. We were shocked at how selfless she was. She sold for her neighbor!. Not everyone would do that. And mind you, she didn’t just sell bottled water or a pack of biscuits. She sold a whole life chicken. She went through the stress of killing, cleaning and dressing it up for us. At that point I knew there were still good people in the world.

That brings me back to this statement “love is a decision”. That lady could have easily decided not to do it. I mean who likes stress. She could have decided to let us go, but no, she decided to help her neighbor. She decided to be selfless and spread love. Now that’s a decision you have to consciously make. Spreading love won’t cost you anything. Yes it might cost you a few pennies, time, efforts, words, but can that really be compared to the smiles you put on people’s faces? Can it be compared to God’s blessings?

Decide today to be that little light in this very dark world. We need all the light we can get.

The third one…


Now let’s take this to you

Have you decided to love yourself?

Have you decided to forgive yourself for all the countless mistakes you’ve made?

Have you decided to tolerate yourself?

Have you decided to stop being too hard on yourself?

Have you decided to love your body as much as God does?

Have you decided to stop comparing yourself to others?

Have you decided to genuinely accept yourself?

Have you decided to love You?

I think it’s high time you did that. That’s the least you can do for you. You deserve all the pampering in the world. Nothing is too good for you. You’re meant to enjoy all the good things of life. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

I’m sure now you understand why I say love is a decision. You get to decide who you love, give your time or your attention. You get to decide if you want to love yourself or not. You also get to decide if you want to spread love and be selfless. It’s all up to you!

I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing. Let me know in the comment section if you agree or disagree with the statement love is a Decision. I’d love to hear from you.

Please like, comment and share. Thank you

I’ve decided to post here every Friday. So anticipate!!!. I can’t promise a particular time yet but we would get there soon😁. I pray God helps me through this🙏(from my lips to God’s ears😁).

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Heyyyyy guysssss! You’re welcome to my very first blog post. I’m so excited to have you here(you don’t even understand how I’m feeling right now 😂). If you’re here, I’m sure you must have read my “Get to know me” post where I wrote a little about myself. If you haven’t, please do. It would give you heads-up on what you should expect from my blog.

Here’s the link to read up😁

My name is Vera Ibeh and I welcome you once again to my blog.

Today’s write-up is very special to me, so please don’t get offended if you see me write about myself a lot today. It’s mostly about me 🌚.


I find myself doing things I normally won’t do. I find myself not caring about people’s perceptions. I find myself making crazy decisions. I find myself making new friends. I find myself actually using my potentials. I find that I’m putting myself out there more.

And I ask myself where have you been all these years? What have you been doing? What were you thinking? What was the problem? What was actually holding you back?. And the answers came…


I’m sure 99% of you already answered this for me.

Yes, I was afraid.

Afraid of trying

Afraid of the unknown

Afraid of people’s perceptions and opinions

Afraid of failing

Afraid of winning

Afraid to start something new

Afraid of my own potentials

Too afraid to put myself out there

Too afraid too ACTUALLY DO IT!

If there’s one thing nobody ever told you, it’s the fact that fear is the only thing that hates you, it’s the only thing that wants you down, it’s the only thing that won’t let you realise the truth about yourself. Now tell me, how can you even have anything to do with something that is as cruel as that. It shouldn’t even be a part of your life!

I’m not writing to inspire you or give you tips on how to overcome fear(trust me, it’s all up to you). Fear is like clay, the moment you start moulding it up, it gets stronger and stronger. But know this, you also have the power to destroy it.

I realised this truth not quite long ago and I’m still pained because I realised it late. I was blinded for so long, living in fear of the unknown.

Confusing myself with people’s opinions. Getting my thoughts mixed up with was going on around me(I was always in my head, I still am though😂).

Refusing to accept God’s truth about me because I was so sure it would turn out to be a lie. Gosh I lived with these!😭.

Writing it now I feel so angry at myself for doing this to me, and the only thing registered at the back of my head is “I never want to go back there. Like never ever!”

It’s a terrible place trust me 🤧 and if you’re still there you need to GET OUT!

Yeah you read correctly. You need to get out of that zone.

It kills you by the day.

You need to get up and start living your life.

You don’t have all the time in the world to let fear win. Infact, you can’t afford to let it win.

Fear should be the least thing you’re battling with right now. You need to get up and ACTUALLY DO IT!

The moment you make that decision is the moment you win. Making the decision alone is enough victory for yourself 😘.

Let me guess… I’m sure what most of you are thinking right now is “this girl is just telling tales, I’m sure she just want to build content”. Well of course I want to build content.Who doesn’t want that?🤷.

But just know, me being here, writing and actually posting this is enough proof to myself that I’m no longer afraid and that is my biggest joy. Knowing that I’m ACTUALLY DOING IT makes my smile even wider😁.

Here you have it, a short part of my life. There’s more to come though, but don’t worry the next one won’t be as depressing as this. I’m a happy person 😁

I made it my first post so I can always remind myself that fear only limits you. The old me would’ve never pulled this off. And also for my readers. This is just to let you know that nothing is too big for you to achieve. Don’t let fear win today. Get up and ACTUALLY DO IT.

When I say do it, I mean do that thing you’ve always wanted to do. Start that vlog, create that page, post something there, start that business, etcetera. Don’t just build your dreams DO IT!

Nobody will do it like you would and nobody can do it like you!

Never forget those words up there. The world is more than ready to take all your potentials. Just give it to them and you’ll be amazed afterwards.

This is already becoming an inspirational blog🌚. It wasn’t supposed to be so, but I can’t help it, people need to hear these words😩.

I think I need to apologise because this blog turned out to be longer than expected. So sorry guys, I’ll try to make it short next time 😘

Please like, comment and share. Thank you ❤️

Till next time

Lots of love


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